Hello, How Are You?

    I was in small town this weekend that I had never been to before. My reason for being there was of course to bring joy to others through my passion. I also had the luxury of being paid to do it. It was a small town and I could feel the difference from being in the main NYC area right away. I was given a hotel room for the night after my first day of performing which was very much so appreciated. Yesterday, after having had a wonderful night of solid sleep, I wandered into the local mall to seek out a bookstore. I seek out bookstores constantly, they are my haven.

    Success!! I found a great bookstore and I was instantly happy. As I entered the store I saw that there was a place to buy refreshments, so I stepped into the line and waited my turn. Out of the corner of my eye I felt an energy from someone, so I turned in that direction. As I looked over, there was a young woman who was obviously looking in my direction. She smiled and I smiled back politely. I received my beverage before her and I then walked over to the little side station to grab some napkins and so on. In a few seconds, she was standing right next to me getting some things for herself. At that moment I felt a signal to engage her, so I did. I simply said, "Hello, how are you?" She replied, "Hello, you are not from around here are you?" I am always fascinated by how people can spot those you are not from a particular place, but I wanted to know more, so I pressed on with the conversation.

    She proceeded to tell me that she worked in the mall and how she hated it here. I also asked her why she was here if she hated it? Then I asked her how she could feel that I was not from there and she said I can feel your aura and something is very different about it. Well, just her using the word "aura" got my attention and then some. I asked her if she had a minute or so to talk and she did. Sally, (a fictitious name) was on a 15 minute break and she decided to sit and spend it with me. We spoke of many things in this small window of time, and I could not resist asking her why in the first few seconds of talking with me she felt obliged to tell me how she hated it here. There of course were reasons that were personal to her and she offered a few to me. I then explained to her what I do and how I am always feeding my passions. Sally had to go back to work, however, she told me that if I wanted to stop by the store on the way out that I was welcome to. She walked away and I buried my head in about 5 different books and took copious notes on a few subjects.

   About three hours had passed and I was finally done in the bookstore. It felt like I was there more like 30 minutes because the books were so invigorating!!! I gathered so much juicy information!! Anyhow, I did walk by the store that Sally worked in and she and I talked for about 5 minutes. I then asked her if there were any nice places to eat nearby and she was less than excited by the question and answered, "No, not really." I was going to walk back out into the cold and just find a good place to eat and Sally told me that she was getting off in 5 minutes, so she could drive me if I liked. I accepted graciously and we were on our way.

   W arrived at local restaurant and we had a small meal with an incredibly rich conversation about life, relationships, making a living, toxic people, and a myriad of other things. I felt that I was supposed to be there at that moment and that somehow she was meant to have met me as well. She also mentioned that she had set a date with a young man that was very negative and that he canceled at the last minute just before we met. These coincidences fit a little bit too well. We spent almost 2 hours talking and eating in this restaurant. I had known her for less than a day and we had a short conversation in a cafe, a short car ride, and a long conversation in a restaurant. I was curious how this person appeared or better yet, how I appeared in her path at that precise time for this all to happen.

    Sally dropped me off at my destination and we spoke for maybe another 45 minutes in a parked car. She explained that she was going back home to deal with her difficult boyfriend whom she is trying to get away from and I of course asked a few questions about that as well. There was not enough time to get into it though. I am truly humbled and amazed at these little interactions that present themselves to me in my life. I felt that it was necessary and important that we spoke and we both agreed. I gave her my card and asked her to keep in touch. Sally asked when I might be coming back that way and I did not know. We parted a little lighter in our souls than when we first connected and it was all worth it. 
    One small interaction can gift you with a new energy or maybe even keep you from that energy. Staying open to the possibilities of learning from another is crucial no matter which way it goes. I could have just ignored that vibe and went about my day and I would have been fine. What was amazing though, was that this complete stranger gave me an open space to enter and then did not question it at all. She sat down with me, let me into her car, and shared a meal with me. Sally was in a frustrated place and she seemed to be happier and calmer when we parted. That was truly a magic interaction. Just think, this whole thing started from a genuine and simple question. It's always the little things isn't it?


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