Alive And Authentic!!!!

    This is without a doubt one of my all time favorite words. To be authentic is to be real from the inside out instead of the opposite way around. When we are moving around in the world living our every day lives, we brush up against an abundance of people who are just not authentic. The problem with being %100 authentic is that is does not agree with the status quo. If you are the person who is wearing the florescent shirt with the flashing lights and bells hanging off it, you have to own it from your head to your toes. If that is you, then be that.
    I am fascinated by how we can decide to be authentic with some and completely not with others. Which brings me to my next question, who around you makes it easy for you to be authentic? I had such an amazing evening just a few nights ago with one of my most treasured friends on this earth. She is a fearless woman in my humble opinion. As we spoke, I could feel the warmth, openness, and authenticity oozing from her soul. This is a feeling that I cannot get enough of on any given day. She created a haven for me to just be anything that I wanted to be without question.

    The joy of being in a true authentic state is that you are on auto pilot and your soul is the captain. Under normal circumstances, the average person is working minute by minute to navigate through a field of grenades if you will. Stepping carefully here and there and making sure that they don't do or say the wrong thing that could either ruffle the feathers of another or possibly be seen in a less than favorable way by their peers. The problem with all of that is that we lose our true identity in the process. I often think of Simon Cowell from "American Idol". He has said some of the cruelest things to those young talented people, however, he is authentic. Part of why he is seen as a jerk is because his authenticity screams out of him each and every time. If we could be as authentic as Simon every day, our lives and circles of friends would change rapidly.

    I can remember many times in my life when I have been authentic as well as the times when I have not been. I can say without a doubt that I have suffered in the times when I muted my authenticity. Tell that person who is treating you harshly how you feel. Tell that person that you want to get closer to how you feel. Go and take the first step in the direction of your dream profession. Stop confusing being authentic with being realistic and just be your true self. By the way, it will leave a mark here and there and leave you with a few scrapes and burns. That is why people don't do it. It keeps them safe and unscathed from the outside, but on the inside they are speed dialing 911 every hour on the hour.  Be alive and authentic, start now. Have a "credible" day.




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