When Is It A Great Day? (a suggestive change in perspective)

  I have been concentrating on being gracious for all that I have around me lately in a big way. In the process of this wonderful journey I have come up with this list of why each one of my days is great for me personally. I challenge you to create your own list and keep it as close to your person as you can for an entire week as you add to it daily. This will be very cool, I promise. Here is mine. I will add to my list daily as well. I will update you next Friday. I cannot wait to see how far we can take this. We all share the same energy either way you slice it.  Conquer the day........

I live in a beautiful apartment.
The view from the apartment is incredible!!
I have many tools to facilitate my passions right at home.
I am in great health.
My parents have always supported me in every way.
I live in the greatest city in the world.
I have many true friends.
I do many things that I love for a living.
I am now a published author.
I own my car
I can say that I have traveled to Europe and back for free many times.
I am on my way to do what I love to do and get paid for it!!!!!

Onward.       By the way, this picture makes me happy!!! It just does. It's snow art to me...                                   


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