What Can You Do From Where You Are Today?

  A while back I remember watching an episode of Letterman. It was the night that he had Oprah on. She and Dave had this so called feud that they were finally squashing and so she came on the show as she left the opening of "The Color Purple", which happened to be showing across the street from his studio. 
  Dave met her at the door, walked her into the studio, and the interview began. It was as if they were lost lost friends and they spoke very candidly and free formed. Dave asked what it was like to actually be Oprah Winfrey? Of course she answered in a very humble way. She stated that she goes to Walgreens and CVS just like the rest of us when she needs things. She also said that she too gets lonely from time to time. I was really glad that she came across so normal, but what she said next was what I never forgot. She said that people feel as though they cannot make a difference in this world because they don't have enough themselves. She also said that people think that to give it has to be some huge and over the top tangible item or jaw dropping happening. Oprah said that we all are fortunate in one way or another, so just do "something". That was profound in so many ways. She can do many things in her position, so she does. 
   I received another letter from my good friend who is in a correctional facility in middle America yesterday. I was moved by her letter because she made sure that I realized how the question that I posed to her truly resonated in her soul. That question was, "What can you do from where you are today?" Granted, she is behind bars, yet she can still touch many lives in her own way. I think of this question daily no matter what. We exchange letters about 4 times a month, so I am so aware of her view of life as we know it. It is more than a humbling experience each and every time I cut open her letters...
    Service to many leads to greatness for sure. So what can you do to change or alter another human being's life for the better? Sit with that for a while....


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