Taking A Walk With Forgiveness

I am writing about this today for one reason, it challenges me a little bit. The old adage, "feel the fear and do it anyway", is in full effect! It's like walking around with two huge backpacks full of cement when you hold on to the angry, selfish, combative, and negative thoughts about a person or a situation, it drains you. It's actually counterproductive in the end because we wind up hurting ourselves and feeling completely depleted within our souls. As I learn to do this with a very few people in my life, I am continually opening up a new ventricle of my heart, or so it seems. We will not always agree with others, nor will they always agree with us. Is what we say right or wrong? Is what they say good or bad? I believe the answer is no on all accounts. We seem to cling so strongly to our beliefs and paradigms that they stifle us and then take away our ability to flow in the universe. I unexpectedly received a piece of mail yesterday and it totally caught me off guard to say the very least. It was from someone that I had almost completely stopped speaking with for about 4 months or so. As I reflect back to why we had not spoken, I realized that the reason was just not that important to have held onto for so long. The silence came from a conversation that went sideways and then it lived in my "NOT LETTING GO OF THIS FILE" for at least the entire 4 months with a few breaks here and there. So there it was, a gift from this person. I opened it and it was some beautiful ripe fruit from their garden. I was moved by the letter that accompanied it as well. I am once again being reminded that sweating the small stuff will crush the soul quicker than you think in most situations. By the way, it's all small stuff. Enjoy this gorgeous day!!!!


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