makeru ga kichi

I am reading a new book by Sheena Iyengar entitled "The Art Of Choosing". The book is definitely magic to me. I began this posting with a Japanese saying that literally means, "to lose is to win". It expresses the idea that getting one's way is less desirable than maintaining peace and harmony. Needless to say,this sparked my curiosity deep within my soul in more ways than one. It explained that these people strive to fit in with their societies and their groups. I truly believe that there is something to embrace from this school of thought. Many times in my life I have pulled back from being right just to keep the peace and it is very calming. I don't suggest that we lose our individuality or our entire selves by practicing this form of collectivism, just that we choose wisely when it is worth it and when it is not. This really moved me because we have this opportunity to "choose" how we will react or retreat in peace each and every day. Onward...


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