Some days I seek out different artists and different schools of thought. Today I found myself on a site that made me very happy in so many ways. It was a site that was simple and very inviting. There is nothing like the simple to start the day off right.  CLICK HERE!! THIS SITE IS GREAT!!
     When I woke up today, a question came into my mind instantly. What am I committed to no matter what? These are the things that I came up with:

  • brushing my teeth
  • making my bed
  • washing my body
  • getting dressed
  • checking my email
  • reading at least 30 pages a day of a good book
  • being grateful to my parents by speaking it internally
  • do at least one thing to advance my artistic lifestyle
  • consume top level live foods
  • expose new people to my part time passion
  • continue to think outside the box
  • being friendly, open, and honest
   I am committed to these things for sure. What stops me though, is the things that I am "not" committed to. I challenge you today to make a list of the things that you are committed to and then on the other side of the paper the things that you are not. As we look at the other list, we can see how we can start to be accountable for the things that we do not commit to and change our world. I am still a student at this. I will send a piece of my handmade art to the first 5 people that send me their replies with the subject "commitment" to You have until Wednesday!!!Please subscribe to the blog before you send an entry.
   Please enjoy this video that I have attached below. It really inspired me in a big way. Have a wonderful day everyone!!!! By the way, all comments will be read that are left on this blog. So reach out and say what's on your mind.....



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