"I Am Because We Are"

     Sometimes things connect all too well and you have to recognize it and somehow glean from the message or the space that it leaves you in. 
     A few days ago I watched the dvd from Madonna's "Sticky Sweet" tour. She truly has changed the face of pop music forever and I am sure that most musicians, and even non musicians would agree with that statement. She has always had a way of doing what she does her way and not ever taking no for an answer. There is a behind the scenes segment before the show starts that is about 15 minutes or so where she talks to her dancers and the crew and overdubs her voice as travel videos play and so forth. Overall though, her message was that we are all capable of changing the world with our gifts and that those people who are out there tonight are just the same as us. She told her dancers to really give these people a reason to smile and dance and have a great time. There were also some dancers that said a few words about being on tour with her. One of them said that he was so used to hearing people tell him that he could not do things all of the time. However,  with Madonna, she is always telling everyone that they can do anything they want to do. Just the way that part was filmed before the actually concert started, was worth watching that video. 
    Not coincidentally, because in the past maybe I would have thought so, another dvd appeared in my mailbox today. This happens through the magic of "Netflix", by the way. Anyhow, the next film in my queue was "I Am Because We Are". Somehow this title resonated with me, so I checked it of. When it arrived, I had forgotten that I sent for it next. To my surprise, it was produced, narrated, and written by Madonna. She had taken some heat for going to Malawi to adopt a son, and quite frankly, I was not one of the heat providers at all. 
    The film shows her there and in the center of all of the chaos of this nation. She spoke so eloquently about the struggle of these people and how even a drop of our help could change the consciousness over there as well as the entire planet. I was moved by the commentary throughout the film and particularly by a statement that was rendered by one finance leaders in Malawi. He said, "they cannot shave your head in your absence". What he was saying was that we are all responsible for our fates whether by omission or commission. That knocked me on my head!!! He explained that because so many of these young children have no parents or guardians due to the HIV AIDS epidemic, that they truly are living a down spiraling life. 
     In closing, I invite you to visit this site and even rent the dvd if you should be so inclined. It gave me pause and humbled me a little bit. I turned off the dvd and was that much more grateful, calm, and even a little bit eager to reach out and do something for them. I welcome your comments on this topic and I celebrate the potential and power in all of you. Thank you for taking the time out to read this..

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I Am Because We Are


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