Corey Sky

     I find myself in a tea bar near Union Square in NYC. I have come here to delve into my many exciting and mind lubricating ebooks that I have at my disposal from the past year and beyond. It is truly amazing and wonderful how much information there is out there for those who want to make their own way and right their own ticket in life. I am just beside myself with the amount of writers and self made entrepreneurs that are all over the net. They all seem to have a common thread, they all yearn for freedom.
    So as I read some really inspirational things from some very courageous people, I was listening to a wonderful artist named Orly. I had heard of her many times before and today I decided to download her music from her site. I was enjoying her tunes and feeling anxious about my own tunes that are so close to rearing their heads. Then as I was just getting into the music, some other music started at the same time. Little did I know, there was a live acoustic show starting about 10 feet from the table where I was sitting. I could not hear the music that I was listening to and drown that out with the volume, so I made a choice to be respectful to this young musician named Corey Sky.
    As I watched and listened to him, I was drawn in by his sheer honesty and dedication to each song that he played. Corey played some of his tunes on his acoustic guitar, as well as some cover tunes. There were quite a few people in attendance, mostly on their computers, but they applauded after every tune. I know how difficult it can be to play for people who actually are not there to hear you. There is this delicate dance between them being polite and them actually liking what you are playing. He handled it well.
    After a little while his set was over and he explained that he had a mailing list and cards and that he really appreciated everyone listening to him. I got this feeling that he was not from here for some reason. He had a lightness to him that was not so common in the hardcore NYC singer/songwriter. As he walked by me, I told him that I enjoyed his set and I asked him where he was from. I was correct, Corey was from Oregon. If you have never been to Oregon, the people there are "UBER" friendly across the board. That was my experience anyway. We spoke for a little while and he asked me what are the ways that he could get into a band and so forth, so I answered as many of his questions as I possibly could. He is here to pursue his music. I really loved that about him. He chose NYC to take a shot and make it happen. 
    I gave him my card and told him that I would help him however I could. I will place a link to his site at the end of this posting. He does not know that I am doing this, so let's just see if something comes of it. Well all need a little bit of anonymous help sometimes right?The truth is, we all do get some anonymous help most times. We just have no idea who actually is doing it and when. Is that magic or what?

Corey Sky
Orly      (Check this woman out too....)


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