Being In The Moment

The snow is coming down again in NYC!!!! Its truly is so nice to look at each and every time to me. I am concentrating on what I am grateful for today and being in the moment. My mind is full of tasks that have to be done and people that have to be called and all of that for sure. However, right now I am taking the time to express that I am so fortunate and happy with my life. Somewhere probably not too far away from here there is a person or persons who may not be as fortunate.
I have a habit of going through things that I may have packed away for a while and each time I do this, I find something that makes me smile. Today I found a book that I had not picked up in a while and it's called "1001 Ways To Live In The Moment". When I tell you that this book is something that every human being should have, I am not pulling your leg at all. Here is a thought provoking excerpt from the book.

The Third Group

Some long for change and do everything they can to bring change about. Others fear change and do everything they can to keep things the same.There's a third group: those who strive to change what they can and should change but don't lift a finger to hold back the tide or make the seasons turn faster. Join this third group as soon as you can.
Swallow the day whole!!!!!!! I appreciate and respect all of you....


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