Appreciation for What Life is Offering.

Today I took a 6 mile round-trip run to the beach. As I was leaving the house, I set an intention to greet an interesting situation, receive guidance and just savor the running moments. Within twenty minutes, I was hearing "What's up girl?" from a local surfer riding his bike along with his dog. They passed me and we met up again at the ocean. As we watched the waves, he told me about his love of the ocean and I started thinking about going surfing again (I haven't been in years). All of this reminded me of the deep importance of staying connected with nature, people and water and just loving life as it is.

This connection I made with a new friend today allowed me to savor the simple beauty that life is constantly offering. My friend has a wonderful family and it's obvious that he has had a wonderfully blessed life -- full of doing the things that he loves: being an inspiration to all with whom he comes in contact.

Yesterday, I had a blast just being near the ocean, skating with a friend and vibing with the people on the boardwalk. It was about 75 degrees in January in San Diego. In those skating moments, nothing else really mattered other than the freedom I was experiencing to be a creative expression on planet earth.

If you find yourself not having the time to enjoy what you love to do, I hope you will give some thought to diving into those areas that bring you closer to the natural beauty that is around us at all times.


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