I am so fascinated with achieving things in this life! Each day I am so pumped about what is possible in every way. I had a conversation with a friend a little while ago and I could hear the frustration in the fact that they were not being accountable. I heard it because there are certain things that are said when you are not stepping up to the plate. I know these statements because I have used them covertly and out loud. When you were little if something broke or fell or was stolen what did you say? You said, "I didn't do it!". Kids are constantly saying that it wasn't them or it's not their fault or any combination of these statements. When we show up and do what we say we are going to do, it empowers us. However, when we don't keep our word, we suffer from the inside and we seek protection with our words and sometimes through our actions.
There was a story that I read a long time ago about a man who went to a counselor because he was depressed and feeling worthless all of the time. The therapist told him that she would try to help him work on his problem. She asked him questions about his personal life and his job and all of the things that he held dear to him. She came up with the fact that his mindset and the words that he was feeding himself were his major problem. He was setting up his entire existence with his way of seeing himself. So she told him to speak out loud to himself as soon as he wakes up every day and say the following words, " I am powerful and I am positive and I am becoming stronger each and every day". She explained to him that if he were to say this every day for the next 30 days that his life would change immeasurably. He was obviously reluctant to do this, but he agreed anyway. After the thirty days past, she met with him and he seemed to be the same. "Did you say what I asked you to say each day when you woke up?", she politely asked, "Well, I did it for the first few days and nothing changed, so I stopped", said the man. Nothing changed for this man because he didn't believe it would.
Today I am challenging my assumptions about my forward motion and making sure my mindset is free from unnecessary obstacles that I build for myself. And you? What what will you dare to achieve this year? This book will stun you!! Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself!


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