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The Train Ride Experiment

I rode the train today as I do on most days. Believe it or not, I do a large portion of my reading on trains as I fill my head up with incredible amounts of knowledge on a myriad of topics. I seem to truly get lost in the pages or on some days my electronic device.
Today was different though, today I took the time to experiment a little bit without my books or device. I decided that I would go the extra mile, or in this case, several extra feet. I always notice how people exit and enter the train no matter what. It is almost like a hobby of mine or something. So I took a few minutes on the platform and then when I entered the train, I decided to go to the first car and take a seat. My reason for going to the first car was simple, that is where the least amount of people choose to go on almost any train. In my opinion, the reason that is so is because it takes twice as much effort from a walking point of view than to get on in the middle of the train which is always more accessible. T…