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A Few Resources For Extra Income...

I live in one of the most wasteful cities in the entire universe, NYC!!! I say this because not only do people in this city throw away things that are very valuable right on to the street, but they do this with people as well. No they don't throw them into the streets, they just don't use the plethora or resources that are available to us around every corner that involve other human beings. Case in point, mystery shopping. I have told so many of my friends and family that there are tons of companies that are looking for people to do simple shops for them all over the country!! Let me explain what mystery shopping is for those who are not sure what I am speaking about right now.There is a woman named Cathy Stucker that has written 6 different editions of a book entitled "The Mystery Shoppers Manual". This book is full of tons of resources and ways to make extra money through mystery shopping and is really opened my eyes in a magical way. You can find out more at her w…

Live a Life of Your Design

Most of us feel we must be mentally fortified in advance of experience.  This is one of the reasons why we are buffers rather than experiencers.

~ Jean Toomer

I feel that an extraordinary existence begins with our ability to live our lives to the fullest, to dream and experience the totality of the actions that we take.  Taking risks and being available to the opportunities that are created by making BOLD moves will certainly teach us a few things about ourselves, our inner strength, our faith and where we are heading.

Is it worth it?

It most certainly is!  If you cannot stand your job and want to do something different, what is holding you back?  Most of the responses I hear range from family responsibilities, paying bills, lack of education or experience and not knowing what to do.  I have found that it really helps to reserve small amounts of time each day to think about your heart's desire; to meditate, plan, and focus on what you really want.  Some of the time you spend explor…

Almost Fearless......

Now in the grand scheme of it all we are truly limitless. Knowing this,I spend a large portion of each week studying those who lead sensational lives on this planet that we call earth. I am speaking of those who cannot follow anything that even hints at mediocrity in the least bit. In the process of this ongoing class that I am enrolled in, I am becoming stronger and even more driven to create my very own personalized existence. It goes without saying that those who are the most successful have also helped legions of people in the process, which propels them even further. I concentrate on being selfless while on my path to greatness as well. So in keeping with that vibe, I want to introduce you to a site that truly will prove to be a solid eye opener for the average Joe or Jane. Those who have the strength to push out of the parameters and create new shapes to exist in are golden in my book. I stumbled upon this site and instantly I knew that I would have to share it with as many peop…

Living an Amplified Existence

The only way to have a life is to commit to it like crazy. - Angelina Jolie

When I discovered this quote, it hit me in the heart like an arrow -- right on point.  Having a fulfilling life really does take a commitment to making sure that the experiences we choose are in alignment with life we truly want to have.  If we are the ones creating our lives, then it does take focus and a level of awareness to make sure that we are consistently involved in activities and surrounded by the people who empower us and encourage us to thrive.  Sometimes we may not have a community or network of folks who are able to be this empowering force.  Upon noticing this, we can place our attention on creating space for more encouraging people to enter our lives who honor the spirit of our commitment to living life amplified and out loud.

Two By Two

The power of two people with a common focus is truly magnificent!! Think of carrying a heavy box alone and having to walk 5 miles with it versus carrying it with a friend and each taking a handle on either side. Think of driving a long distance in a car, let's say from NY to LA. You could drive the first half or so while the other person sleeps and then when they wake up they can drive the exact same distance as well. The examples are just endless if you think about it. I have studied overachievers for years now and the one common thing that keeps coming up with each one of them is that they all have mentors or partners that continually feed their mind and spirit daily. I read at least a couple of chapters of a good book every day on a myriad of topics and it keeps me fluid and on the playing field of life. Have you ever wanted to play a game and then realize that the whole time you were just on the stands convincing yourself out of it? I seek out those who know more than me and t…

Fresh Eyes and Ripple Effects

Power thoughts held over time mixed with strong emotions produce amazing results.  Are you ready to take a leap of faith?  Well, it is happening now.  During a conference call this morning, the topic went from moving beyond comfort levels -- to safety zones -- to noticing the actual location of the safety zone!

Where is the Safety Zone?!

The safety zone is always in place and all we have to do is trust in its existence.  As I thought about the questions presented in the discussion, it became increasingly clear that as we move into areas that feel unfamiliar, the safety zone is instantly extended and like a beautiful webbed invisible network, it holds us while we move toward a desired outcome. 

Why Fear?

We can decide that fear will be energy that is used as fuel for our own progress and development.  The omnipresent safety net has and will always be there.  Just think:  you ask for something, allow it to be there and it will.

If we notice what is occurring in life with fresh eyes and…

Growing New Wings

I hear people speak about the power of being in the void (the unknown, uncertainty, hidden space) and being able to create from there -- even when we may be in fear, terror, shock and so forth.

Well, I have a testimony and I am thankful for Chase who helped me to shed light on this right now.

Since 2007, I have been coaching people by using energy medicine (also known as Reiki, energy healing, energetic empowerment, intentions and manifestation) to help them alleviate emotional, mental, psychological discomfort and any perceptions of blocks in various areas of their lives. It has been a remarkable journey for me to be involved with others in an area of service in this capacity. The funny thing is, I never attempted to learn much about energy healing per se, but have been fascinated by manifesting and the law of attraction for years.

When I went through a marital breakup, I had the opportunity to take a very deep look into myself, my beliefs, patterns and desires. While I did no…