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Locked Up, Not Locked In

I have a very dear friend who is currently incarcerated in another state. She and I write back and forth every week and I send her things as frequently as possible to keep her connected to the outside world as well as her spirit. Inside of this place she is regarded as a number not a human being with a name. As we write back and forth, I am gaining more of an appreciation for my life in an offbeat sort of fashion. I am so gracious for the life that I live and I am so blessed in many ways, however, am I serving others enough? That is a question that you don't hear that much these days because most people are looking to serve themselves more than others. Today as I opened and read the letter she wrote to me a little card fell out that was shaped like a credit card. On it was a sentence that gives me $5 dollars off any purchase for a Hallmark product like a card or book or what have you. This gave me pause because I was holding a gift in my hand from a woman who is behind bars, yet h…

Permanently Stoked.

I cannot recall when I first heard the word "stoked" but I am pretty sure it was during high school.  If you remember the term "Valley Girl," that was popularized through a song of the same name, well . . . I remember hearing this slang and even using it in the beach community where I grew up.  Funny how time flies . . . . describes stoked as:
[stohkt] –adjectiveSlang. 1.exhilarated;excited.
I am expressing the value of staying "stoked" right now because I have experienced quite a few ups and downs and ups -- again and again.  People have come into my life who are also speaking of the rollercoaster rides that they feel they are experiencing and, instead of having to emotionally travel up and down, I think it can be useful to maintain a state of dedicated enthusiasm regardless of what is occurring in life.  I do not mean ignoring emotions but holding the hopeful attitude along with the objectivity and exhiliration in the face of anythin…