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We all have them and they are with us all of the time. I was in the presence of a very strong one today. I had a quick bite to eat in a place that I had never been to this afternoon. I felt a sort of pull to visit a new location and so I did. When I entered this little specialized cafe/elixir bar, I came into contact with a person who had a magical aura. It was an aura of warmth and genuine invitation. She was smiling and her words were so fluid and natural that I felt that I had known her for years and we had only met 2 minutes before. We spoke about the many items on the menu and we somehow began talking about life and energy and eating healthy food and so on. She also said something that truly humbled me. She said that she felt as though I was an amazing person even though she knew nothing about me.The compliment floored me to say the least. I knew in the back of my mind that I had quite simply shared my aura with her without even realizing it at all. In the next few minutes, she …

Extraordinary Moments

There is a great power available at all times.  I know this.  I know it more and more by accessing it and being absorbed by it.  Taking the time to be fully present in the precious now moment is not always easy for some, including myself.  Sometimes we get in the doing mode and it is a blessing to be reminded that we do not have to actively do in order to be highly creative.  It is a wonderful reminder to be in the present, to focus on the simple and great things that lie in front of us and within us at all times.  Taking gentle deep breaths, noticing the beautiful sunshining, the gentle winds, the fragrance of flowers, the music playing in a passing car -- the sparkle in a child's eyes.  The beautiful magic of which we often speak is within these moments as well.

Get Lost In The Simple....

  I was on a little vacation/mental break/visit with the family and I challenged myself to get lost in as much awareness of the simple as possible. I walked around my father's backyard area and the journey began. Armed with my camera and no expectations, I walked slowly and noticed as much as I possibly could. There were lime trees, a coy pond, some tall palm trees and a myriad of different flowers to gaze at, which made me smile from within. As I went slower, I raised my camera and arrived in front of a beautiful site. I took my time to capture it properly while realizing that there was actually no such thing. What I capture with this apparatus in my hand will be my very own perspective, nothing more, nothing less. I snapped several pictures during this 20 minute or so experience. This is the image that made it all worthwhile for me. What can you do today to slow down and get lost in the simple?

One step at a time.

Devote today to something so daring even you can't believe you're doing it. -Oprah

Every time I read the quote above, it makes me think of the risks I have taken (or not) in any given day.  It is a prompt, a challenge and a thought worthy of consideration as I move through my quest to unleash creativity.  Some people might think there are various things I do that are daring.  Some of these things are becoming so commonplace that I do not see them as requiring courage or risk on my part; I simply feel and act on instinct on a given moment.

Social media presents interesting scenarios in which to make statement about our lives, our thoughts, what others are doing and not doing.  It is a place where there are so many people tuning in to what we say.  In general, I have been reserved in making judgments or expressing unobjective opinions about anything.  Today was different.  I felt the need to speak out about how people create competitions among nonprofit groups which, in my opini…

The Decision to be Happy.

We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same. -Carlos Castaneda

I notice my ability to make myself happy or miserable.  I am becoming more and more aware of where my thoughts reside on a moment to moment basis.  Tuning in to my emotions, I can check in with where I am in terms of my relationship to my environment and reactions; the company I am keeping; the music I am listening to and what I am thinking about.

I made a decision to leave employment that was consistent yet extremely taxing and emotionally draining.  I made a decision to follow my dream and calling -- which is to support community-oriented program through music, arts and healing arts programming.  I communicate with numerous people during the course of the day; I am called to follow up with folks as well as receive encouragement and criticism.  Life can be a roller coaster ride or it can be viewed objectively -- experiencing emotions and allowing them to flow and maintain…

Dreaming and Doing.

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. -Oprah

Today is 11-11-10.  I am excited about this!  I have seen 11:11 on my clock so many times it is ridiculous.  I have noticed that I have posted several things at precisely that time, without any thought to it beforehand.

As I was sitting here writing tonight, I received an email from someone whose name I did not recognize. When I opened the email, it was from an astrologer whom I had met at a Seminar three days ago.  This woman, by the name of Michelle Karen, wrote a very good explanation about the importance of joining people from all around the world and commencing an 11-day meditation twice a day (11:11 a.m. and 11:11 p.m.).  According to Karen, 11 is a master number connected with interdependence and spirit, the angelic realm and personal mastery.  (I pinch myself and think: I am living my dream and so are the people around me and today is 11/11!) 

It is an exciting time to dream of the highest and best …


When you think about it, what other choice is there but to hope? -Lance Armstrong

This statement is extremely powerful, especially coming from Lance Armstrong ~ an extraordinary athlete who has overcome numerous challenges.  It takes extraordinary thinking and bold actions to continue down a path that everyone else may look at and think: this does not make sense.  Did everyone that Lance encountered think he would be able to overcome a disease like cancer?

You have to hold a space of total trust and total expectation for the best outcome when dealing with life's events.  Affirm it over and over and over to yourself and when you are not doing it, find someone who can affirm your truth with you.  It might be a recording, it might be online, it might be at a sanctuary or a prayer line.  Whatever and wherever the place may be, find it and stay there as long as possible.

See the vision, live the vision, taste the vision, be the vision and triumph.


I used my imagination to make the grass whatever color I wanted it to be. -Whoopi Goldberg

Touching Lives.

Giving is not just about being able to write a check. It's being able to touch somebody's life. -Oprah

True story.  Money could never take the place of the connection between friends or people in general, for that matter.  The hours of conversation we freely give to friends along with the the understanding, patience, the ability to listen and share positive thoughts, words and deeds is remarkable. 

Having someone listen to you is so crucial and while money can be very important, a connection between human beings is priceless and can induce one to endure even the most challenging times in life.  I am grateful for the people who have touched my life and the lives I have had the opportunity to touch.  During some of my most devastating times, I volunteered in a domestic violence shelter and clinic.  It was extremely healing for me to serve and witness the people who were coming for assistance.  I needed to be there and to assist these women; as I did so, I nurtured my own distra…


You have to believe in yourself when no one else does- that makes you a winner right there. -Venus Williams

Awareness. Positive Expectation. Embracing Beauty.

Jessie just moved to our town from the east coast and is looking for a job as a stylist. We met this morning to discuss fashion projects.  I am always happy to hear from him.  He carries such an upbeat attitude and fresh way of being in this world.  We checked out a venue for an event and we both saw the potential of the venue, our visions and loved it.

I had my oracle deck and I asked Jessie if he wanted to do a spread.  He was delighted.  The messages were about creativity, the cosmos, partnership and positive expectations.  All of these messages dealt with his career and business partnerships.  As we walked together, we embraced and accepted the energy of what we had asked for as if it had happened in the moment of our recognition.  And it had.

Due Reward.

A friend called to let me know that she had been given a service award for 15 years of contributions to law enforcement.  She felt the captain intentionally downplayed the award, gave her a certificate and tried to make the special occasion appear as anything but special.  Apparently, this situation was totally different from the way that service awards are typically handlded and people typically enjoy a substantial celebration in the office so that the employee's contributions are adequately recognized.

I told her no one could ever honor her for all of her contributions like the glory that comes through her works through the Most High.  The world cannot give it to us and the world cannot take it from us.  We can celebrate people but the entire universe is working to ensure that she is constantly receiving her due reward.  If someone is unwilling to give credit where it is due because of their feelings of jealous or envy it is only limiting themselves, not the person to whom the j…


One of my artist friends and I had an update meeting this afternoon.  I had a deck of oracle cards in my purse because I felt that I was going to share oracle readings with someone today.  As soon as I showed him the cards, he said he wanted a reading.  I started shuffling the cards.  Someone knocked at the door and it was a filmmaker friend of ours.  I went forward with the reading, letting my friend analyze the cards and state his perceptions.  The messages were persistently related to being abundant, being creative and being connected.  Being connected in the sense that we only feel our connection to the source of creativity -- to who we are. 

I thought about a previous post by Louis Dor Dempriey and how he discussed living in a surrendered state, desireless, because we know our connection with everything. 

I thought about societal and individual poverty consciousness and how many of us have been paralyzed by these thoughts -- especially with the media reinforcements that we do n…


"Anything you give up will automatically come back to you, albeit in an even more free and beautiful way.  Why, then, are people so attached to their dreams and desires? The answer is simple: lack of faith. - Louis Dor Dempriey

What are you doing to allow your dream to manifest?

Turning it Aound: Surrender and Detachment

"Desire is the great disease of a separate consciousness.  It is the cause of all suffering and the very essence of separation.  To desire anything, you must inherently believe that you are separate from the object of your desire and that you actually need said object of desire.  How, then, does one achieve the state of surrender?  Let go of all desires.  Give them back to God.  To be truly surrendered can only mean to be truly desireless."  - Louis Dor Dempriey

In the past I have not fully understood the concept of surrender or even been totally willing to accept it.  This quote has been effective in helping me to understand the notion of desire and separate consciousness which causes one to feel that what he or she wants and needs is not already present.   It reminds me of the time that I was running around the house looking for my bra and I was wearing it.  Imagine that.

If we are one with everything, then we are never separated from anything.   It feels better to state t…

When The Ego Has Arrived

 There are times when something changes inside of you from an energy point of view. During these times you feel a little bit different and you always can tell that a shift has taken place. Although I will not go into specifics right now, I had a situation that made me instantly aware of my ego. I personally feel that the ego is always with us, however, if we do not train it properly by staying present it will dominate us. I was in that space on a particular day recently and it was once again an eye opening lesson. I was aware that my ego had taken over the situation, yet, I allowed it and then it started to cut deeper as the minutes went on. The point of this posting is that I did notice the ego and it did come at me full force and direct. The magic thing was that as soon as I became fully present, it became less powerful almost instantly. My blood pressure started to normalize, and my words formed a different shape. That shape happened to be silent, by the way. I have to remind mysel…

When you love, whatever you do is because you want to do it.

When you love, whatever you do is because you want to do it. It becomes a pleasure; it's like a game, and you have fun with it. When you love, you don't expect something to happen; whatever happens is okay, and hardly anything disappoints you. ~ Don Miguel Ruiz

The Passing Of Time

   When I was younger I was told that as you mature, the time will move faster and faster. I thought that was the most insane sentence that I had ever heard. The summers always felt like 5 months or so. "Purple Rain" felt like a 4 hour trilogy to me and I could not get enough of it. My block seemed like it was as long as a football field and I love to run the length of it with my friends and play football. My memories all have a million miles and visuals connected to them. I have no regrets at all in any way, shape, or form. Today, my life is so spectacular for so many reasons as well. I can tell you that each day is filled with possibilities for me. One thing I can say though is that the challenges related to time are constantly following me no matter what. The things that I plan to do seem to be connected to some of the most ingenious distractions that I have ever seen in my entire life.  So are we thinking about time a little more than we used to 10 or 20 years ago? Can y…

The Power of Indulgence

After writing about romance, I started thinking more about my romantic tendencies and the sheer pleasure people can derive from deeply experiencing life.

The more that I partake in pleasurable experiences (without going overboard) the more satisfying I find my life to be.  I remember going to a monestary and other spiritual centers and how we were taught to eliminate desires and pleasures produced by the five senses. 

While I love my spiritual life and connection, I also enjoy the feelings and emotions that can be produced by pleasurable experiences which I do not view as separate from my spirituality.  I seek to embrace and love life -- not only the pleasure being derived at any given moment but to also use the power generated by these positive emotions as a healing force for myself and this world.  

The more that I indulge in pleasurable experiences such as enjoying a fabulous meal, embracing my sexuality fully, the feelings of hot oils on my skin, dancing for hours to music that …