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Romantic Thoughts and Tendencies

I was just looking for a romance expert to serve as a featured guest for an upcoming event.  So far, I am still looking.  After a few moments of thinking about it, I realized that I could probably be one of the speakers on romance.   I mean, after all, I have read the books, had some experiences, coached folks on self-love, shared information and ... well ... shared information.  What does it take to be an expert in the area of romance?!
I think a big part of being romantic deals with love of one's self.  How we treat ourselves -- in a loving way (with loving thoughts, attitudes and opinions of who we are); how we nurture ourselves and how we respect ourselves is romantic to me. 

I was considering some of the morning rituals that I have in which I feel I demonstrate self-love and romance.
I feel I treat myself romantically by using baths that include essential oils and natural bath salts.  I love taking them in the morning after a run.  Taking the time to be in the water and nouri…


  I am sure that we have all been hearing the buzz about 2012 and all of the stories and opinions and forecasts connected to it. I know for a fact that in the past year or two there have been more movies geared towards the world coming to an end than I can ever remember in the past. The question is if you are one of the believers in this theory, are you living your life like it may end soon. You know the way that a child eats an ice cream cone that is dripping from the hot sun? I mean with the intensity that a puppy waits with the maximum attention and anticipation at the side of the table for just a morsel of food? I have spoken to more people about death in the past year than in my entire life combined. So, in turn, it has raised my level of awareness to the present moment and grabbing life now. I am aware of the power of contact and authentic sentiments and of course caring for others no matter what. One of my favorite and most colorful, vivacious, and intelligent relatives has jus…

Shape, Shifts and Perceptions

I just read an interview by Vision Magazine on the film "Ghetto Physics:  Will the Real Pimps and Hos Please Stand Up?"  The movie was directed and written by Raymond E. Brown (Earl Ray) and William Arntz.  Interestingly, William Arntz also co-directed and wrote What the Bleep Do We Know?! and What the Bleep?! 

I have not seen Ghetto Physics yet (it was released in October 2010) but I definitely intend to check this out.  Apparently a movie filled with excellent music, activists, teachers and interviews -- I am sure it is jam packed with all kinds of interesting perspectives and insights.

E. Raymond Brown said the first time he introduced this concept of  Ghetto Physics was through his book "Stand Up" (2003).  He suggests that we create our reality from metaphysics and move into ghetto physics.  If certain rules are forced on groups of people where aspects of the rules contradict the group's internal nature, segments of that group reverse the rules and create …

Ready as Ever

There Is Magic In Every Day.  I am giving thanks for the opportunities and the new beginnings that are presenting themselves in this moment.

I awakened this morning to the coolness of a crisp fall morning and the brightness of the sun.  I am reminded that each day presents gifts and holds the answers of yesterday's prayers.  I feel ready as ever to not only receive but to give as well.

Yesterday, I received an onslaught of answers to questions that I had asked several weeks ago.  I had been waiting for what seemed a while then shifted my attention to other projects and goals.  Then, within one phone call, all of the answers were given and I found myself excited and enthusiastic but also having to take the time to be quiet and receive.  I am so grateful.  Things, people, situations, information -- all of it come when we really need it and sometimes that appears a little differently than when we think we should have it.   Keep on trusting that the flow is continuous, the new opportu…

Are You Ready?

I had yet another conversation with my amazing partner in transformational blogging today and the topic just really moved things inside of me as usual. We spoke of how and when do we truly know that we are ready? This is across the board. Ready to have a child, ready to take that class you have always wanted to take, ready to get in shape. Those words will inspire you or make you hide and run for cover. If someone was to try and rob you today against your will, would you be ready? If you were to be given 10 million dollars tonight, would you be ready to spend it? Can you say that you are ready to have a conversation with a person that is ten times more intelligent than you later on today? What if you were suddenly put in charge of 100 people who would answer to you and follow your lead? Would you be ready? Being ready, in my experience, has always come from doing more action than preparing. Study a language for one year everyday but never go to that country and speak to the natives, w…

Giving and Receiving

There is Magic In Every Day.

I am grateful for this beautiful morning, for your presence and for the understanding that is coming through the creative endeavors of my life and the lives of so many others.

Each day is definitely a gift and blessing.  As I read the title of this page, I am reminded of the blessing of your presence and our ability to communicate on such profound levels with so many.  As we give of ourselves, we are richly given in infinite ways.  People often think they have nothing to give because what they have many not be of monetary value (to them); however, giving is a powerful testimony of inner prosperity.  This inner prosperity goes out and accesses abundance and draws upon the infinite source to produce endlessly.  Living in this state of prosperity and oneness with peace produces. 

Watch as your dream manifests today.

Written by Suite Brigitte

Rocking the Boat Will Transport You

There is magic in every day and I am giving thanks for today's blessings and gifts.

Your previous post serves as such a great reminder as to how important it is to remain involved with a vision and what it is that we desire to create.  You also shared how rocking the boat will transport us to the desired outcome.  I have found that a consistent involvement with the vision with such an intensity that there is no such thing as wavering from a destination can be a strong tool in helping to stay focused on what one wants to achieve.  While the route may change, the destination is clear.  Today is a clean slate that is full of opportunities and totally open to our creations.  I stand in awe, taking necessary actions and allowing the dreams to manifest.

Written by Suite Brigitte

What Is Your Worth?

  I have been thinking about the times when I have clearly backed down from asking for my true worth. The fact of the matter is only I know what that is, so only I can decide it. Yes, others may have their own perspective on this, however, ultimately we will decide each and every time in our souls before our mouth actually makes a sound. For example, lets take a Mercedes Benz. Most people would agree that it is and has been one of the finest cars ever made in the world since cars have been made. The question is, who decided that they would be at such a high price point and that it would become such a status symbol and an overall highly desirable piece of machinery? I believe that it was decided upon from the beginning an it has never fallen from grace since. My point is that when we decide, then the real fun begins. We will keep going in the direction of our true worth until we decide to take an easier route. The unfortunate thing is that as soon as we choose that other route the univ…