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Intention to Manifest. What is the Dream? Let's Bring it Forward!

This is what I am thinking about:  How do we bring the ideas presented in the 4 Hour Work Week forward now?

Today I decided that it was possible to blog for a living.  It's not that I did not think it was possible before -- I had just not considered it as an alternative to a regular 9-5 type job.  What is the likelihood of blogging for a living?  We talk about people going for their passions and dreams. We talk about taking financial chances and risks; quitting occupations that do not bring one ounce of satisfaction with the exception of the income they generate; we talk about living authentically -- regardless of the challenges or obstacles which may arise.  There is talking and then there is doing.

You can probably imagine this schedule:

Wake up, meditate.
Make breakfast, exercise.
Get ready for work.
Drive to work and work almost 10 hours.
Drive home (1 hour)
Clean house.
Make dinner.
Wash clothes.
Down time.
Being exhausted but trying to fit …

Okay, We Friggin' Love This!

Okay, so we friggin' love this!  We have a conversation about sharing experiences because we totally vibe on and off each other when we share and here we go again ... poof!  We are in the midst of a fabulous opportunity to do what we love the most:  share, receive, give and manifest.

I love the fact that we take our energy everywhere and impact surroundings on so many levels.  It certainly is clear verification when people tell us over and over again that they feel certain things simply by a human being's presence.  We all have this ability and it really is a matter of being able to tune in and quiet ourselves to this constant presence of energetic vibrations.  Quieting the mind through a meditation practice has certainly helped me to become more sensitive, clear and open to receiving information. 

You and I have wanted to experience this sharing consistently and in this written form and it had taken awhile.  We were both thinking similar thoughts but one of us (without ment…


How incredible that the last posting seems so close to what I experienced yesterday as well. As we move through life, we are leaving our soul print everywhere we go. I had an experience walking into a local organic market that reminded me once again that no matter where we go, there we are. I was entering this store and a young man next to the door asked me to contribute to his cd that he produced by himself. I declined politely only to have him say, "Come on help another artist out my man". Now how did he know that I was an artist? I did not have a shirt on that said I am an artist, nor was I singing a tune on the way in. So how did he know? The obvious answer is that I was sharing my energy with him without actually being aware of it at that moment. Many of my closest friends see and experience this on a daily basis, however, they ignore it and blame the outside influences. To finish the story, I exited the store, spoke with him, and donated to his cause. The cd was very g…

Halloween Weekend.

Today has been a gift.  Most of my encounters with people today were opportunities to remind one another of the importance of our time together -- even with so-called strangers.  It was beautiful. 

Tonight, I checked a new band at a local bar.  I did not wear a costume and most of the people there were not in costume.  Within 5 minutes of my entry I was greeted by a lovely couple. One shook my hand and asked me if I was an ordained minister.  I said yes.  He asked if I would marry him and his girlfriend.  I said yes.  His girlfriend asked him how he knew and he said he could feel the energy.  Incredible.

Written by Suite Brigitte

Early Morning Thoughts

Wherever you are today in your soul, be there completely. If you are questioning whether or not you should engage a person that you meet today for any reason, do it. We are here to brush up against other human beings and to learn something from them at the same time. Look into people's eyes more today and really listen when they are speaking instead of just waiting for your turn to talk. Take a moment or two to be lost in the gratitude of being alive and the ability to design your own day each and every day. Know that there are millions of people who don't have that luxury anymore. If you were told that today was your last day on earth, who would you want to talk to or be with at this very moment? If the answer came to you right away, then call that person or write them a real letter instead of an email and just tell them that they are important to you. Gratitude is free, yet we tend to pay for the results of greed, fear, and non action on a daily basis. Today, be more lov…

Just Say YES!

I am ecstatic to be here writing, reading, sharing, exploring and being inspired with you!  This is the perfect opportunity to give and receive, learn and grow and to share so much of our enthusiasm and zest for living.  I decided that writing about experiences, sharing and going out into this big beautiful world and gathering more information and pouring it out through our respective vessels are some of my favorite things to do -- ever!  We do not always have to agree to be challenged, tested and prompted to the next level of consciousness and I am so grateful to be here!  YES! Yes to living life with purpose and conviction, YES! to living the dreams and that you have been given, YES to taking risks and to witnessing the miracles that arrive on our doorsteps. YES, YES, YES!

So, what shall we create now?

written by Suite Brigitte

Each Journey Begins With A First Step

Today marks the beginning of a new blog and a new journey that is sure to change and inspire many lives. This is a project that is being shaped and designed by Brigitte Taylor and myself, Chase Steele Greye. Our goal is to allow each and every willing and open minded person who desires so, to enter our little corner of daily inspirations, nuggets, and overall internal fire starting conversations.We have been speaking with each other for over 2 years now several times a week and we have yet to meet in person to this very day!!! I can only speak for myself when I say that Brigitte is such and inspiration and open cavern of spiritual power and grace. When we speak our passions have a place to run free and be recognized for what they are, true possibilities on the verge of manifestation. There has not been even one conversation that I had not wished I had recorded for some other person to hear and be inspired to move a few steps closer to the life of their dreams.We speak in terms that a…