The Slow From The Snow......

For the past few days in NYC the snow has immobilized the city. This is actually a good thing in my mind. When it snows, the roads are quieter, the driving is much calmer, and the city moves at a completely different pace collectively. My car was stuck under mounds of snow for the first day and I cleared it little by little over three days. During these mother nature interludes you get to learn so much about human beings and how they react to challenges.Firstly, there are those who see the opportunity to make some quick cash by doing what others do not want to do. Secondly, there are those who just would rather not drive at all. These people will wait until the snow clears and then just drive away in their cars at that moment. Then there are those who feel that the snow has stopped their lives completely. I could go on a huge rant about the observations that flood into my head in times like these. I just love to see how human beings act when being creative is the only choice and is no longer an option. If you have to get your car out to deal with an emergency, then failure to do so is not an option. I watched people braving the elements with heavy bags in tow, as well as cars that were stuck and they had the same energy. It was basically, I will go forward and make it to my destination no matter what!!! What would happen if we had that attitude with things even when we were not pressured to do so? I especially love to watch children when there is so much snow on the ground that they just kick it up and pounce through the puddles and even eat the snow on occasion. Obviously, the eating part is a bit risky for reasons that don't really need to be explained in this post. Either way, I welcome the snow because it allows us to slow down and notice how much we really have and how much we truly can take for granted...Snowball fight anyone?


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