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I live in one of the most wasteful cities in the entire universe, NYC!!! I say this because not only do people in this city throw away things that are very valuable right on to the street, but they do this with people as well. No they don't throw them into the streets, they just don't use the plethora or resources that are available to us around every corner that involve other human beings. Case in point, mystery shopping. I have told so many of my friends and family that there are tons of companies that are looking for people to do simple shops for them all over the country!! Let me explain what mystery shopping is for those who are not sure what I am speaking about right now.There is a woman named Cathy Stucker that has written 6 different editions of a book entitled "The Mystery Shoppers Manual". This book is full of tons of resources and ways to make extra money through mystery shopping and is really opened my eyes in a magical way. You can find out more at her web site www.idealady.com . That is my gift to you for today.
Another resource that I have been using for a very long time is the use of a few different sites that allow independent artists to sell anything that they make with their hands. Do you want to get your art out into the world so that everyone can see it? Did you know that you can do this from your home? No storefront, no employees, no hassles, just your own passion and your own drive each and every day!!I am in such a sharing mood today, so I am going to list a few resources that will surely blow your mind!!! You cannot use information if you do not hove it right? I will list some interesting companies at the end of this posting.
In closing, I would just like to say that I am constantly on the lookout for ways to inspire, give to, inform, and excite those around me. I have the pleasure of feeling this way each and every day. Are you ready to change your current state of being? Has the statement goes, " Be something different so you can do something different so you can have some different things". Use any or all of the resources that I have listed below to kick start some of those dormant passions,make some extra money, or to just stretch your parameters!!!! Seize the day!!!!!These are all legit and I have used all of them....More to come in later posts!!!

Sleep And Earn

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