When The Ego Has Arrived

 There are times when something changes inside of you from an energy point of view. During these times you feel a little bit different and you always can tell that a shift has taken place. Although I will not go into specifics right now, I had a situation that made me instantly aware of my ego. I personally feel that the ego is always with us, however, if we do not train it properly by staying present it will dominate us. I was in that space on a particular day recently and it was once again an eye opening lesson. I was aware that my ego had taken over the situation, yet, I allowed it and then it started to cut deeper as the minutes went on. The point of this posting is that I did notice the ego and it did come at me full force and direct. The magic thing was that as soon as I became fully present, it became less powerful almost instantly. My blood pressure started to normalize, and my words formed a different shape. That shape happened to be silent, by the way. I have to remind myself daily that nothing said or done is personal until you take it that way. We never know what another person is going through when we come into contact with them. With that said, I make it my duty daily to remain connected to the whole. My glass is half full today for sure.....


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