Two By Two

The power of two people with a common focus is truly magnificent!! Think of carrying a heavy box alone and having to walk 5 miles with it versus carrying it with a friend and each taking a handle on either side. Think of driving a long distance in a car, let's say from NY to LA. You could drive the first half or so while the other person sleeps and then when they wake up they can drive the exact same distance as well. The examples are just endless if you think about it. I have studied overachievers for years now and the one common thing that keeps coming up with each one of them is that they all have mentors or partners that continually feed their mind and spirit daily. I read at least a couple of chapters of a good book every day on a myriad of topics and it keeps me fluid and on the playing field of life. Have you ever wanted to play a game and then realize that the whole time you were just on the stands convincing yourself out of it? I seek out those who know more than me and those who have already made strides in the direction of my choice.They have been there and they have taken many hits so that you can learn from them. Each one of us will take our own hits and have our own pitfalls either way. I am presently moving two by two with a host of different people and I really love it more than I can say. The power of even one can move energy in so many ways. The good news though, is that while you are sending energy out, it is being received by another. That inevitably creates an even stronger base because another person is involved.
Grab a hold of that special something that is always making your eyes glisten and making you tingle inside. What is the thing that calls you no matter what you are doing? When are you smiling from the inside to the point where you can hardly contain yourself? When we move two by two, we connect with the energy needed to fulfill our wildest dreams. Eventually two by two can turn into a force of unlimited resources that can lift your entire world up higher than you would have ever thought possible. Get a life workout partner that pushes you into greatness willingly....


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