Turning it Aound: Surrender and Detachment

"Desire is the great disease of a separate consciousness.  It is the cause of all suffering and the very essence of separation.  To desire anything, you must inherently believe that you are separate from the object of your desire and that you actually need said object of desire.  How, then, does one achieve the state of surrender?  Let go of all desires.  Give them back to God.  To be truly surrendered can only mean to be truly desireless."  - Louis Dor Dempriey

In the past I have not fully understood the concept of surrender or even been totally willing to accept it.  This quote has been effective in helping me to understand the notion of desire and separate consciousness which causes one to feel that what he or she wants and needs is not already present.   It reminds me of the time that I was running around the house looking for my bra and I was wearing it.  Imagine that.

If we are one with everything, then we are never separated from anything.   It feels better to state the outcome that we want to manifest and hold the expectation that it will be presented at the perfect time -- knowing that its energy is already present.  The desired object or outcome could then be summoned from a place of expectation and detachment because we are asking and we will receive when we ask.  We do not have control of the timing or how it will appear but it is on its way!  All we have to do is trust, remain open to the possibilities and detach.  This is so much easier than asking and asking and asking!


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