Permanently Stoked.

I cannot recall when I first heard the word "stoked" but I am pretty sure it was during high school.  If you remember the term "Valley Girl," that was popularized through a song of the same name, well . . . I remember hearing this slang and even using it in the beach community where I grew up.  Funny how time flies . . . . describes stoked as:

–adjective Slang .
1. exhilarated; excited.

I am expressing the value of staying "stoked" right now because I have experienced quite a few ups and downs and ups -- again and again.  People have come into my life who are also speaking of the rollercoaster rides that they feel they are experiencing and, instead of having to emotionally travel up and down, I think it can be useful to maintain a state of dedicated enthusiasm regardless of what is occurring in life.  I do not mean ignoring emotions but holding the hopeful attitude along with the objectivity and exhiliration in the face of anything from the range of the unknown factors-- including various fears and losses.

I have a lot of irons in the fire.  I am not always certain which will take form first, nor how it will take form nor how it will develop for the highest good when I set my intentions.  At the same time, there is a part of me that knows and trusts that all is in divine order and working for the best for myself and everyone else. 

I use many tools in my stoked toolkit.  Music and laughter; playing around and giving thanks; doing things I love to do even when the flowers do not appear to be blooming in the order that I have requested. 

You have to know that the blooms are in progress even when you do not see them.

Use your imagination and trust.  Be that which you are seeking today.  Disregard outside forces that try to misdirect your attention and shift your focus towards the areas that are emotionally and mentally uplifting.  In my experience, this is a constant effort.  Any time your mind tells you anything that creates a negative state, it is up to us to be able to notice this, experience what you need to in that moment and shift your mentality to being a rich well of unlimited creativity. 

Meditation and Relaxation.

Trust your instincts.  Sharpen your mind by taking the time on a regular basis to relax and meditate.  It is important to take the time to be quiet within so you know the difference between what your inner knowing is saying to you and what a societal fear may be saying.

We are unlimited beings living in an unlimited universe in a time of rapid progress on this planet.  I trust that we can support each other through this journey with the absolute faith and knowing that our humanitarian-infused visions are in full effect.  Progress is happening now.


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