Shape, Shifts and Perceptions

I just read an interview by Vision Magazine on the film "Ghetto Physics:  Will the Real Pimps and Hos Please Stand Up?"  The movie was directed and written by Raymond E. Brown (Earl Ray) and William Arntz.  Interestingly, William Arntz also co-directed and wrote What the Bleep Do We Know?! and What the Bleep?! 

I have not seen Ghetto Physics yet (it was released in October 2010) but I definitely intend to check this out.  Apparently a movie filled with excellent music, activists, teachers and interviews -- I am sure it is jam packed with all kinds of interesting perspectives and insights.

E. Raymond Brown said the first time he introduced this concept of  Ghetto Physics was through his book "Stand Up" (2003).  He suggests that we create our reality from metaphysics and move into ghetto physics.  If certain rules are forced on groups of people where aspects of the rules contradict the group's internal nature, segments of that group reverse the rules and create their own realities.  Many of us are creating new rules, new ways of being, behavior, attitudes towards our lives and realities that work for us in spite of what society has promoted.

I am thinking about the nature of empowerment and entrepreneurship.  I find an article in a metaphysical magazine dealing with these concepts.  As I read the text, I am motivated to continue down the adventurous path rather than the known, mundane and mediocre journey that was part of my past.  What Brown is talking about is our ability to shift, consciously empower ourselves and make things happen in our lives.

The co-director William Arntz says that peoople need to stand up for what they really want to do instead of the things that society tells them they need to do.  I agree.  It is not necessarily the easiest route, but it can be -- especially when you surround yourself with people who support you as you move in a more fierce and direct expression of who you truly are.

We say we want to take leaps of faith and we do.  We leap, we jump, we risk and we also encounter the hurdles that arise as we move with authenticity.  What is a hurdle?  A hurdle can be a perception; a hurdle can be a thought; a hurdle can be any experience of lack whether it is resources, financial or love.  When we are in the midst of the hurdle moment, we can acknowledge the emotions that are occurring and let them out by allowing the energy to move and move us deeply. It may take a cry in a warm tub of water or a scream into a pillow, a brisk for run through the woods -- whatever you can do to allow yourself to fully feel and move the energy and help to bring yourself back to a sense of peace. From here we can also shift our perspective as to stimulate creativity to help propel ourselves on to the next phase in our lives.


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