Romantic Thoughts and Tendencies

I was just looking for a romance expert to serve as a featured guest for an upcoming event.  So far, I am still looking.  After a few moments of thinking about it, I realized that I could probably be one of the speakers on romance.   I mean, after all, I have read the books, had some experiences, coached folks on self-love, shared information and ... well ... shared information.  What does it take to be an expert in the area of romance?!

I think a big part of being romantic deals with love of one's self.  How we treat ourselves -- in a loving way (with loving thoughts, attitudes and opinions of who we are); how we nurture ourselves and how we respect ourselves is romantic to me. 

I was considering some of the morning rituals that I have in which I feel I demonstrate self-love and romance.

I feel I treat myself romantically by using baths that include essential oils and natural bath salts.  I love taking them in the morning after a run.  Taking the time to be in the water and nourished by the oils is so soothing, relaxing and romantic. 

I love to light candles regardless of the time of day.  I light candles, have a delicious cup of coffee or tea in a really beautiful cup in the morning.  Taking the time to meditate, focus, journal, daydream, visualize, pray and be with myself is very romantic to me and helps to create a day of gratitude, joy and clarity.

I love to listen to beautiful music and allow it to play in the background, especially when I am working.

Having a massage, manicure or reflexology appointment is a wonderful delight. 

Quality time with nature and feeling the sun, the rain and the elements is pure pleasure.  I love going to the ocean and simply hearing the roaring voice of the crashing waves.

Looking at beautiful objects such as antiques, fragrances, flowers, paintings, jewelry ~ all of these things bring a great deal of pleasure to me.  I am particularly inspired when I go into a boutique in which beauty is displayed and the proprietors intentionally create the space for us to have such pleasurable and memorable experiences.

We can have so much pleasure alone -- too many items for this list.  Taking the time to develop this deep sense of self-love and cultivating the internal joy pays off as we feel our connection with the universe and live an inspired and authentic existence.  It also pays of royally as we attract likeminded individuals into our circles.  Coming from a self-loving and romantic mindset, we easily open ourselves to the expression and the experience of sharing these beautiful moments with someone else.

Just writing about these every day experiences of gentle yet powerful romantic rituals has created a greater sense of compassion and love within me.  We can all be romance experts with the ability to create a loving presence anywhere and everywhere we go.


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