Ready as Ever

There Is Magic In Every Day.  I am giving thanks for the opportunities and the new beginnings that are presenting themselves in this moment.

I awakened this morning to the coolness of a crisp fall morning and the brightness of the sun.  I am reminded that each day presents gifts and holds the answers of yesterday's prayers.  I feel ready as ever to not only receive but to give as well.

Yesterday, I received an onslaught of answers to questions that I had asked several weeks ago.  I had been waiting for what seemed a while then shifted my attention to other projects and goals.  Then, within one phone call, all of the answers were given and I found myself excited and enthusiastic but also having to take the time to be quiet and receive.  I am so grateful.  Things, people, situations, information -- all of it come when we really need it and sometimes that appears a little differently than when we think we should have it.   Keep on trusting that the flow is continuous, the new opportunities will present themselves answering your every request.  Continue to move forward with a deep sense of knowing, purpose, focus and drive.  Ready as ever.  It's happening now.

Written by Suite Brigitte


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