The Power of Indulgence

After writing about romance, I started thinking more about my romantic tendencies and the sheer pleasure people can derive from deeply experiencing life.

The more that I partake in pleasurable experiences (without going overboard) the more satisfying I find my life to be.  I remember going to a monestary and other spiritual centers and how we were taught to eliminate desires and pleasures produced by the five senses. 

While I love my spiritual life and connection, I also enjoy the feelings and emotions that can be produced by pleasurable experiences which I do not view as separate from my spirituality.  I seek to embrace and love life -- not only the pleasure being derived at any given moment but to also use the power generated by these positive emotions as a healing force for myself and this world.  

The more that I indulge in pleasurable experiences such as enjoying a fabulous meal, embracing my sexuality fully, the feelings of hot oils on my skin, dancing for hours to music that I love, embracing the deliciousness of the sun and the ocean, the more satisfied and peaceful I feel.  The happiness that I find in experiencing my life as much as I possibly translates into a more fulfilling existence, quality friendships, high-quality work opportunities and a stimulated imagination which definitely fuels the dreams and manifestations of the future.

What do you think of indulging in pleasure as a spiritual act?


This posting is absolutely exquisite. The picture speaks volumes about you and I just adore it to no end...Thank you...C

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