The Passing Of Time

   When I was younger I was told that as you mature, the time will move faster and faster. I thought that was the most insane sentence that I had ever heard. The summers always felt like 5 months or so. "Purple Rain" felt like a 4 hour trilogy to me and I could not get enough of it. My block seemed like it was as long as a football field and I love to run the length of it with my friends and play football. My memories all have a million miles and visuals connected to them. I have no regrets at all in any way, shape, or form. Today, my life is so spectacular for so many reasons as well. I can tell you that each day is filled with possibilities for me. One thing I can say though is that the challenges related to time are constantly following me no matter what. The things that I plan to do seem to be connected to some of the most ingenious distractions that I have ever seen in my entire life.  So are we thinking about time a little more than we used to 10 or 20 years ago? Can you take out a piece of paper and plan your day before the next day begins? Better yet, don't plan your day and see how many things you can accomplish by just navigating through your day with no plan at all? Time has a way of letting you know that it is running your life unless you notice it first. One lesson keeps coming up over and over again almost every week. The lesson is, if you fail to plan, then you will plan to fail. I challenge you to make time your servant and grab hold of the days to come almost as if time were not an issue at all . If a particular action or activity is not serving you, change it. If you are not being fed inside your soul, stop immediately. If you are in the presence of a person that is sucking you dry, tell them that you are going to be late for a very important appointment and put it into overdrive in the direction of a fruitful and stimulating destination. Time is watching you and it can feel you when you get weak. That is when it rushes in and snatches your dreams from you while you are looking in the opposite direction. So is time going faster now than it used to? Actually no, we are just living less outside of our comfort zones and making more excuses so that we don't have to look at the clock. I say and write these words to keep myself in check while sending these powerful sentiments into the universe...


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