One step at a time.

Devote today to something so daring even you can't believe you're doing it. -Oprah

Every time I read the quote above, it makes me think of the risks I have taken (or not) in any given day.  It is a prompt, a challenge and a thought worthy of consideration as I move through my quest to unleash creativity.  Some people might think there are various things I do that are daring.  Some of these things are becoming so commonplace that I do not see them as requiring courage or risk on my part; I simply feel and act on instinct on a given moment.

Social media presents interesting scenarios in which to make statement about our lives, our thoughts, what others are doing and not doing.  It is a place where there are so many people tuning in to what we say.  In general, I have been reserved in making judgments or expressing unobjective opinions about anything.  Today was different.  I felt the need to speak out about how people create competitions among nonprofit groups which, in my opinion, encourage them to compete for attention rather than join forces and highlight the organizations collectively that are devoted to a particular cause or mission.

I realize that everyone may not accept my feelings or position.  However, they are my feelings and position and I wanted to express this in a public manner.  This desire to express thoughts and feelings publicly among friends as well as strangers is an interesting place for me.  I have not always been the most comfortable with it at the same time, there is something inside me that urges me to do it.  Sometimes, I cannot help myself:  I need to express this creative force when it arises.

The ability to candid, authentic and even raw in expression is very liberating to me and I honor that ability in others.  It is a magical process.  It is risky because we may have to deal with opposing words, emotions and thoughts of others.  It is stimulating and worth it, nonetheless.


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