Locked Up, Not Locked In

I have a very dear friend who is currently incarcerated in another state. She and I write back and forth every week and I send her things as frequently as possible to keep her connected to the outside world as well as her spirit. Inside of this place she is regarded as a number not a human being with a name. As we write back and forth, I am gaining more of an appreciation for my life in an offbeat sort of fashion. I am so gracious for the life that I live and I am so blessed in many ways, however, am I serving others enough? That is a question that you don't hear that much these days because most people are looking to serve themselves more than others. Today as I opened and read the letter she wrote to me a little card fell out that was shaped like a credit card. On it was a sentence that gives me $5 dollars off any purchase for a Hallmark product like a card or book or what have you. This gave me pause because I was holding a gift in my hand from a woman who is behind bars, yet her spirit to give and to show her gratitude for me is still in tact!!! Many of us are living in our own prison right here inside of our own lives and don't even know it. This little piece of paper has truly inspired me to no end. I will continue to aid her in keeping her dreams and plans in order and to even meditate and/or do yoga while she is there. I am truly proud of her and this stimulates me to want to do even more.
I once read a story about a man who was sent to prison wrongfully, and he was devastated. At the time he was an incredible classically trained pianist. Needless to say, there were no pianos in jail, so he could not play. So instead of going down the road of pity and shame and guilt, he took it to another level. He practiced on the ground on some drawn keys as if it were his real instrument. When he was released, he played as if he had never missed a day. In his mind, he was always connected to his instrument and he acted as if it were right under his fingers no matter what. That story made me very happy and a bit more aware of my thoughts all at the same time.
We can give to others in many ways no matter where are current circumstances find us and we can also imagine our lives exactly the way that we want them to be. so the question is, what is stopping us? Time and time again I find that it is F.E.A.R.(false evidence appearing real). Recently more than ever, I am shredding the evidence and manifesting the here and now just as I would like it to be.


Suite Brigitte said…
This is a powerful testimony of the power of our minds, thoughts and attention as well as our ability to give regardless of whether it is something of monetary value or not. That is beautiful and I appreciate what you are sharing here. Shredding evidence of F.E.A.R. -- I like it!

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