I used my imagination to make the grass whatever color I wanted it to be. -Whoopi Goldberg


Suite Brigitte said…
Imagination is power. I think it is something worthy of attention and use every day. When Albert Einstein said it was more important than knowledge, I know he was right! How many times have you thought about something that you wanted to do, be or have and at the moment did not? How many times did you use your very mind and emotions to experience that which you were able to experience in your mind's eye prior to its landing into your life in the physical form? I have done this many times. I've done it over and over to the point that I needed to stop and actually view from another angle what I had been doing that was producing such amazing results. I realized that when I received something that I really wanted to create, not only did I see it in advance but I also went about my days as if there were no other options other than my desire. There was absolutely no other way but the way that I had already experienced in my mind and when the event actually occurred, I was pleasantly delighted but not necessarily surprised. See it, speak it, be at one with it and give thanks along the way. Whatever "it" is -- call it forth. Experience having your desires in this present moments without wavering and it will be there before you know it.

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