When you think about it, what other choice is there but to hope? -Lance Armstrong

This statement is extremely powerful, especially coming from Lance Armstrong ~ an extraordinary athlete who has overcome numerous challenges.  It takes extraordinary thinking and bold actions to continue down a path that everyone else may look at and think: this does not make sense.  Did everyone that Lance encountered think he would be able to overcome a disease like cancer?

You have to hold a space of total trust and total expectation for the best outcome when dealing with life's events.  Affirm it over and over and over to yourself and when you are not doing it, find someone who can affirm your truth with you.  It might be a recording, it might be online, it might be at a sanctuary or a prayer line.  Whatever and wherever the place may be, find it and stay there as long as possible.

See the vision, live the vision, taste the vision, be the vision and triumph.


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