Growing New Wings

I hear people speak about the power of being in the void (the unknown, uncertainty, hidden space) and being able to create from there -- even when we may be in fear, terror, shock and so forth.

Well, I have a testimony and I am thankful for Chase who helped me to shed light on this right now.

Since 2007, I have been coaching people by using energy medicine (also known as Reiki, energy healing, energetic empowerment, intentions and manifestation) to help them alleviate emotional, mental, psychological discomfort and any perceptions of blocks in various areas of their lives. It has been a remarkable journey for me to be involved with others in an area of service in this capacity. The funny thing is, I never attempted to learn much about energy healing per se, but have been fascinated by manifesting and the law of attraction for years.

When I went through a marital breakup, I had the opportunity to take a very deep look into myself, my beliefs, patterns and desires. While I did not want to separate from the person I loved and married, it was inevitable. As a result of that union and breakup, I learned that I needed to be able to accept, transition and let go; I learned about the things that were holding me back (holding on to my concepts of the past and what I wanted rather than being able to see beyond what I thought I wanted and be open to an even greater opportunity).

I turned to my spiritual life for solace and found spiritual teachers, a strong yoga practice, the power of meditation and eventually was introduced to energy healing by my yoga teacher. I was beyond fascinated by what my teacher shared with me and by what is actually possible and available to us wherever we are. I worked with others and learned these practices of healing for myself and my own mind through the non-physical energetic method called Yuen Method (created by Dr. Kam Yuen) and Reiki (hands on healing which can also be done remotely). Additionally, I learned even more about the power of our thoughts; the power of prayers; as well as the vast array of information that is available everywhere -- online, in workshops and by every day people who are devoted to this empowering field.

The field of love.

When I was inundated with all kinds of emotions related to starting a new single life without the one I thought I would be with forever, it never occurred to me that all of this would fuel my growing passion for assisting people to shift their intentions and fly -- as I had been doing.

We never know what is in store for our lives. We have dreams, we attain them; life takes us through peaks and valleys and we have options -- we can learn to flow through these moments (regardless of the level of difficulty) in total trust without attachment to outcomes. We learn and witness that our beautiful and strong wings really do appear when they are necessary -- not too soon and never too late.

Trust. Honor yourself where you are. Sometimes it does not feel so easy but it can be done. Be in gratitude for "it" all. You are victorious right now, regardless of your circumstances, other people's perceptions of you or what people think you should be doing with your life. Trust what you know about the beauty that is YOU. Keep trusting and you will see how "this too shall pass" and this too shall serve as fuel, not only in your own life but in the lives all of the people whose lives you touch.

If you are undergoing challenges right now that are testing your faith, stand firm in your beliefs and protect your thoughts. Surround yourself by the people and conditions that offer inspiration and love for who you are in this moment.

Who you are in this moment is love and you are loved.

Written by Suite Brigitte


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