One of my artist friends and I had an update meeting this afternoon.  I had a deck of oracle cards in my purse because I felt that I was going to share oracle readings with someone today.  As soon as I showed him the cards, he said he wanted a reading.  I started shuffling the cards.  Someone knocked at the door and it was a filmmaker friend of ours.  I went forward with the reading, letting my friend analyze the cards and state his perceptions.  The messages were persistently related to being abundant, being creative and being connected.  Being connected in the sense that we only feel our connection to the source of creativity -- to who we are. 

I thought about a previous post by Louis Dor Dempriey and how he discussed living in a surrendered state, desireless, because we know our connection with everything. 

I thought about societal and individual poverty consciousness and how many of us have been paralyzed by these thoughts -- especially with the media reinforcements that we do not have enough.

I thought about the readings that I have encountered that encourage being abundance and living with gratitude and intention.

Upon leaving, the three of us reconfirmed our commitment to being grateful.  We shared how different some of the events would be if the people who were performing as well as the guests came to the event from a place of thanks and giving rather than from a place of lack.

Abundance is a state of mind.  Are we willing to commit to it?


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