Get Lost In The Simple....

  I was on a little vacation/mental break/visit with the family and I challenged myself to get lost in as much awareness of the simple as possible. I walked around my father's backyard area and the journey began. Armed with my camera and no expectations, I walked slowly and noticed as much as I possibly could. There were lime trees, a coy pond, some tall palm trees and a myriad of different flowers to gaze at, which made me smile from within. As I went slower, I raised my camera and arrived in front of a beautiful site. I took my time to capture it properly while realizing that there was actually no such thing. What I capture with this apparatus in my hand will be my very own perspective, nothing more, nothing less. I snapped several pictures during this 20 minute or so experience. This is the image that made it all worthwhile for me. What can you do today to slow down and get lost in the simple?


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