Fresh Eyes and Ripple Effects

Power thoughts held over time mixed with strong emotions produce amazing results.  Are you ready to take a leap of faith?  Well, it is happening now.  During a conference call this morning, the topic went from moving beyond comfort levels -- to safety zones -- to noticing the actual location of the safety zone!

Where is the Safety Zone?!

The safety zone is always in place and all we have to do is trust in its existence.  As I thought about the questions presented in the discussion, it became increasingly clear that as we move into areas that feel unfamiliar, the safety zone is instantly extended and like a beautiful webbed invisible network, it holds us while we move toward a desired outcome. 

Why Fear?

We can decide that fear will be energy that is used as fuel for our own progress and development.  The omnipresent safety net has and will always be there.  Just think:  you ask for something, allow it to be there and it will.

If we notice what is occurring in life with fresh eyes and a different perspective, the question becomes:  are we willing to fully embrace our creations or do we view the present conditions with doubt and fears based on illusion?

Viewing the present with fresh eyes, we can set intentions and allow the ripple effects to manifest for the highest good of everyone all of the time.   Just because we do not see the ripple effects of the intentions immediately does not mean the blueprint of the intention is not in place; it is actually in formation as you intend, speak, feel and trust.


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