Due Reward.

A friend called to let me know that she had been given a service award for 15 years of contributions to law enforcement.  She felt the captain intentionally downplayed the award, gave her a certificate and tried to make the special occasion appear as anything but special.  Apparently, this situation was totally different from the way that service awards are typically handlded and people typically enjoy a substantial celebration in the office so that the employee's contributions are adequately recognized.

I told her no one could ever honor her for all of her contributions like the glory that comes through her works through the Most High.  The world cannot give it to us and the world cannot take it from us.  We can celebrate people but the entire universe is working to ensure that she is constantly receiving her due reward.  If someone is unwilling to give credit where it is due because of their feelings of jealous or envy it is only limiting themselves, not the person to whom the jealousy is directed.  I asked her to look beyond the situation and see these people where they are with her compassionate gaze and recognize the limitations in perspective for what it is.


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