The Decision to be Happy.

We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same. -Carlos Castaneda

I notice my ability to make myself happy or miserable.  I am becoming more and more aware of where my thoughts reside on a moment to moment basis.  Tuning in to my emotions, I can check in with where I am in terms of my relationship to my environment and reactions; the company I am keeping; the music I am listening to and what I am thinking about.

I made a decision to leave employment that was consistent yet extremely taxing and emotionally draining.  I made a decision to follow my dream and calling -- which is to support community-oriented program through music, arts and healing arts programming.  I communicate with numerous people during the course of the day; I am called to follow up with folks as well as receive encouragement and criticism.  Life can be a roller coaster ride or it can be viewed objectively -- experiencing emotions and allowing them to flow and maintaining a sense of self-assuredness and balance.  The more I place myself in places where I am open to receive various judgments, the more emotional experiences I may have.  Yet, when I look back at the emotional pain that I experienced while working in an environment that I had outgrown, none of these experiences are insurmountable. 

Every day since my departure from that job, I have awakened, giving thanks for the opportunity to do what I love -- even in the face of great uncertainty on a regular basis.

I give thanks for the faith I hold and the relationships to others who have followed their passion and achieved fantastic results.  I also give thanks for having witnessed so many who also went through hardships during major life transitions and were still able to continue to make great strides in their lives with strong faith and consistent vision.

This is the magic decision that I have made:  to live with passion and authenticity and being who I am while serving this world.  All of these experiences are worth it and are propelling me to the next phase. 

What decisions are you willing to make for your own happiness?


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