We all have them and they are with us all of the time. I was in the presence of a very strong one today. I had a quick bite to eat in a place that I had never been to this afternoon. I felt a sort of pull to visit a new location and so I did. When I entered this little specialized cafe/elixir bar, I came into contact with a person who had a magical aura. It was an aura of warmth and genuine invitation. She was smiling and her words were so fluid and natural that I felt that I had known her for years and we had only met 2 minutes before. We spoke about the many items on the menu and we somehow began talking about life and energy and eating healthy food and so on. She also said something that truly humbled me. She said that she felt as though I was an amazing person even though she knew nothing about me.The compliment floored me to say the least. I knew in the back of my mind that I had quite simply shared my aura with her without even realizing it at all. In the next few minutes, she shared one of her lifelong dreams with me and I was instantly thinking of ways that I could get her closer to her goal. She so fearlessly offered me this information with no filter at all. To make a long story short, I shared my aura and she shared hers with no apprehension at all. I lifted the spirit of another person up today and in turn did the same thing for myself without even recognizing it until I walked away. Life is wonderful....


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