Are You Ready?

 I had yet another conversation with my amazing partner in transformational blogging today and the topic just really moved things inside of me as usual. We spoke of how and when do we truly know that we are ready? This is across the board. Ready to have a child, ready to take that class you have always wanted to take, ready to get in shape. Those words will inspire you or make you hide and run for cover. If someone was to try and rob you today against your will, would you be ready? If you were to be given 10 million dollars tonight, would you be ready to spend it? Can you say that you are ready to have a conversation with a person that is ten times more intelligent than you later on today? What if you were suddenly put in charge of 100 people who would answer to you and follow your lead? Would you be ready? Being ready, in my experience, has always come from doing more action than preparing. Study a language for one year everyday but never go to that country and speak to the natives, would you call yourself ready then?I am obsessed with the power behind these words because it exposes us while giving us rocket fuel to catapult into newness....I am truly aware that when I tell myself that I am ready, it's not to say that I will be perfect at what I am setting out to do. It does however, mean that I am open to getting a little scratched up while learning how to ride the waves in the boat instead of on the shore. In closing, I have come up with this acronym that I will put out into the universe.

Realizing (that)
Endurance (and)
Activity (and)
Diligence (creates)

Are you ready now?


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