I am sure that we have all been hearing the buzz about 2012 and all of the stories and opinions and forecasts connected to it. I know for a fact that in the past year or two there have been more movies geared towards the world coming to an end than I can ever remember in the past. The question is if you are one of the believers in this theory, are you living your life like it may end soon. You know the way that a child eats an ice cream cone that is dripping from the hot sun? I mean with the intensity that a puppy waits with the maximum attention and anticipation at the side of the table for just a morsel of food? I have spoken to more people about death in the past year than in my entire life combined. So, in turn, it has raised my level of awareness to the present moment and grabbing life now. I am aware of the power of contact and authentic sentiments and of course caring for others no matter what. One of my favorite and most colorful, vivacious, and intelligent relatives has just recently taken a turn and is battling dementia. The most powerful thing about it is that I had no warning that this would ever happen. None of us get the warning, however, when it comes we will all have to deal with it. As I looked into her eyes each day for the past three days, I can still feel her spirit somehow and that makes me happy. This woman has truly lived her life in a loving and intentional way. Actually, I have been surrounded by many people who embody this spirit for my entire night. I truly smiled from the inside being with her for the past few days and she is still teaching me even in this stage of her life. So where are you today in your soul? Are you living like it's almost 2012 if that's your focus? Maybe you are a person that sees each day has a new "hurdle" that is too big for you? Can you say that time is passing slowly or entirely too fast for you? Where are you in your overall philosophies that govern your day? Time and the here and now has my complete attention and it is a gift......


This is beautifully written and touching. Thank you for sharing this today. It is a powerful example of the power of presence. Forget 1999 ... are you living like it's 2012?

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