How incredible that the last posting seems so close to what I experienced yesterday as well. As we move through life, we are leaving our soul print everywhere we go. I had an experience walking into a local organic market that reminded me once again that no matter where we go, there we are. I was entering this store and a young man next to the door asked me to contribute to his cd that he produced by himself. I declined politely only to have him say, "Come on help another artist out my man". Now how did he know that I was an artist? I did not have a shirt on that said I am an artist, nor was I singing a tune on the way in. So how did he know? The obvious answer is that I was sharing my energy with him without actually being aware of it at that moment. Many of my closest friends see and experience this on a daily basis, however, they ignore it and blame the outside influences. To finish the story, I exited the store, spoke with him, and donated to his cause. The cd was very good and I did not know this until I went home to to listen to it. He saw my light, so I took the time to embrace his. That was a powerful lesson. I am full of gratitude.....


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