What Is Your Worth?

  I have been thinking about the times when I have clearly backed down from asking for my true worth. The fact of the matter is only I know what that is, so only I can decide it. Yes, others may have their own perspective on this, however, ultimately we will decide each and every time in our souls before our mouth actually makes a sound. For example, lets take a Mercedes Benz. Most people would agree that it is and has been one of the finest cars ever made in the world since cars have been made. The question is, who decided that they would be at such a high price point and that it would become such a status symbol and an overall highly desirable piece of machinery? I believe that it was decided upon from the beginning an it has never fallen from grace since. My point is that when we decide, then the real fun begins. We will keep going in the direction of our true worth until we decide to take an easier route. The unfortunate thing is that as soon as we choose that other route the universe makes it readily available to us as well. I believe that most people in power positions will continually assume that those underneath them will more so than not stay in their comfort zones and do their best not to rock the boat. The magic nugget here is that rocking the boat will usually transport you to the water which will allow you to swim to the destination of your choice. The boat is limited and only so many people can fit inside of it at once. If you expect to stay in it with the others, your personal concerns and baggage have to be very light and manageable. Picture a tree that is 40 feet tall with a strong trunk and some beautiful very long branches that shoot out in every direction. If you climb to the top just going up the middle and all of the fruits are at the ends of the branches, what have you gained? Living out loud and swinging for the fences is now in session...............


Living out loud is now in session! I like it. Thanks for sharing this post. I think it offers a great perspective that we often do not take into consideration. Self-worth.

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