Okay, We Friggin' Love This!

Okay, so we friggin' love this!  We have a conversation about sharing experiences because we totally vibe on and off each other when we share and here we go again ... poof!  We are in the midst of a fabulous opportunity to do what we love the most:  share, receive, give and manifest.

I love the fact that we take our energy everywhere and impact surroundings on so many levels.  It certainly is clear verification when people tell us over and over again that they feel certain things simply by a human being's presence.  We all have this ability and it really is a matter of being able to tune in and quiet ourselves to this constant presence of energetic vibrations.  Quieting the mind through a meditation practice has certainly helped me to become more sensitive, clear and open to receiving information. 

You and I have wanted to experience this sharing consistently and in this written form and it had taken awhile.  We were both thinking similar thoughts but one of us (without mentioning any names) was not able to be consistent because she could not figure out how to unleash the power through the written word and share anything which she felt would be timely or interesting or whatever.  She had to get to a particular place where the flow would simply be there. 

We read or hear sayings like:  "where two or more are gathered," and how powerful it is to join forces with another in order to produce greatness.  This is confirmation of that force that runs through each of us and propels us to go into this world and bring forth our gifts every single day -- regardless of what the news is saying, what is on the television, the state of the economy or anything else.  We have access to a fabulous power that can create magic and miracles every single second. 

What shall we manifest next?!

Written by Suite Brigitte


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