Intention to Manifest. What is the Dream? Let's Bring it Forward!

This is what I am thinking about:  How do we bring the ideas presented in the 4 Hour Work Week forward now?

Today I decided that it was possible to blog for a living.  It's not that I did not think it was possible before -- I had just not considered it as an alternative to a regular 9-5 type job.  What is the likelihood of blogging for a living?  We talk about people going for their passions and dreams. We talk about taking financial chances and risks; quitting occupations that do not bring one ounce of satisfaction with the exception of the income they generate; we talk about living authentically -- regardless of the challenges or obstacles which may arise.  There is talking and then there is doing.

You can probably imagine this schedule:

Wake up, meditate.
Make breakfast, exercise.
Get ready for work.
Drive to work and work almost 10 hours.
Drive home (1 hour)
Clean house.
Make dinner.
Wash clothes.
Down time.
Being exhausted but trying to fit in me-time (and if you have a mate (factor that in); children:  go ahead and fill in homework, quality family time, getting children ready for bed, etc.).
Going to sleep only to wake up within a few short hours to do the whole routine again?  Not.

What kind of existence is this?

All of the above takes a great deal of time and can be energetically challenging as well -- especially if the job is taxing.

Question:  when is all that time for reading, personal development, developing your side business, meeting with people related to your side business, visioning your side business and actually generating business?

I know that I enjoy writing but I did not realize how much I enjoyed it until had the time to actually sit here at my computer, relax in this setting (bloggy style) and share with another individual (even though he may not be online at the moment) who cares about my thoughts, feels, interests and vice versa. 

As I think about my new life as a professional blogger, a few things come to mind in terms of how fun and exciting this opportunity is and the pending opportunities that will manifest!  This is what I call self-excitement.  Get enthusiastic about what is being created and do whatever it is in your power to stay there!

I see myself flying all over the world to write, share, and capture situations and excitement filled moments. 

I see myself having a schedule that is busy but filled with the things that I love such as great food, interesting and amazing people, live bands, deejays, fashion, handmade jewelry makers, big cities, little cities, dancing all night... I could go on and on and on.  Is this possible you ask?  My heart tells me that my dream is not only possible but it is actually underway right now.  Today, on this beautiful Halloween, I am putting all of it to the test. Let's see how this will work.

Tomorrow is Day #4:  Wake up, meditate, have coffee, go for a run and blog for life.

Written by Suite Brigitte


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