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Why Don't People Say Excuse Me?

I love my city. If you know me at all, even casually, you know this beyond the shadow of a doubt. Its gritty and unique and full of diversity, wonder, and even bliss, if you should choose to notice it. People come from far and wide to taste its magic and its power, and they will pay whatever it costs. There is no season to come to NYC, we are the master season each and every day. That's not to say that it might be a bit more pleasant in the spring and summer, but even that is still an opinion. I know plenty of people who love the winter in NYC. It's cozy and full of lights and snow and holiday spirit. It's not for everyone, but its for me.

    So on to the main course. I was standing on the platform of the train stop and people were walking by me and I was also walking. Its after rush hour, however, NYC is the kind of city that is sort of always busy. I am constantly watching people. It's the sport that keeps on giving. So out of nowhere, a guy politely introduces …

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