How To Build Momentum

This post is sort of a play on words as opposed to an actual how-to. You see I can tell you how I build it, or I can tell you how others that I've studied for years have built it. Either way, you will develop your own way to reach your goal. It's an age old fact that we will always find our own spin on almost every actual instruction. Human beings are not wired to actually follow if there is a possibility of being humiliated or failing or not performing up to par. Our minds will protect us at all costs.

     As the year begins, a large portion of people are racking their brains on how to build momentum. How will I get more customers, more flow, more money? In my humble opinion, the answer is, more doing. More forward action. More outside of our general speed of doing everything. In short, less standing in place, more stepping in the direction of ANY goal. I wrote a new set of yearly goals today. These are not resolutions, they are goals, benchmarks, or focal points. I will…

2018, The Year Of New

We have all made it through another year. The ups and downs, and the smiles and frowns. We made it through all of these things. Our programming tells us that there is another year ahead of us. The triggers all around us let us know that all of the past years crap is behind us as well. Isn’t it fascinating that most people cannot move until these triggers take affect? Almost no one is immune from this deeply rooted mentally powerful programming.

    When the ball drops, there is an overwhelming amount of joy and release. It is felt collectively and it reaches out across the world into all of its time zones. I am so amazed by its power. So if someone had decided that snatch was the first month of the year, then we wound be celebrating then. Of course we all know that March is not the start of the year. It’s just interesting to imagine that it was for a moment or so. I see the change in people and I also see how short lived it is. This is what gets my gears going.

     Here come the …

Onward + Upward: Massive Creativity featuring Kerry Ray

I had the pleasure of meeting artist Kerry Ray of Crystal and Leaf at a San Diego healing event and was so impressed with her creations that I was inspired to write about her work. Her booth was filled with sparkling fairy houses and doors (like door in the palm above); radiant jewelry and many other gifts which she says are portals or gateways to the promotion of abundant living. I could not wait to talk to her as I was immediately intrigued by the unique creations; the beauty of her intentions which I immediately felt through her unique "fairy world." Speaking with Kerry, I learned how much she valued her creative life and being open to her "own uniqueness" and she puts it -- as well as bringing forth authentic expression through all that she does. Not only does she create beautiful fairy houses and jewelry, she also models in the nude for art students; she is a laughter coach/energy guide; she is a wife and the mother to a five year old daughter who is …

The Incentive And The Reward

When we are in a situation where there is an incentive to do better, who does it affect the most? If you are an overachiever already, does it push you further or does it not matter to you at all? Let's be real. On some level we all like to know that there is more to be had at another level correct? We definitely won't all go for it, but we like to know that it's available right?

    I find incentive to be such a powerful tool. The thing is though, is there a healthy amount of care involved when there is incentive put in place? Or is it just about the bottom line and what can be gained financially from pushing a team to their absolute productivity limit? I had a conversation about this earlier today with a gentleman who believes that companies don't care about those people who do not produce for them. This gave me pause and made me go deeper in my mind about it.

     Now if your employer cares for you, it would only seem normal for them to give you every opportunity…

When The Mind Sees It

I believe that the statement, “When you believe it, you will see it”, is true. When we focus on what we want to become, so many magical things happen on a consistent basis. Today I wrote out my plan in my productivity planner for the day. Without too much effort, almost everything got done. I can pretty much give the credit to what was written down in the book to how my day turned out. It’s like an underground science of sorts. I was careful to set myself up for victory. Whereas in the past I would put too many things to accomplish on the list.

    It has been my experience that whatever I decide to do ahead of time very rarely fails. The other thing is that you don’t have to involve anyone but yourself when you are compiling this list. I actually enjoy writing in this planner? So as the day has passed, I can see what I was doing and if I completed the talk it story

     When the mind sees it and cross examines it, something happens. It’s also my belief that my growth has so much…

All In A Day's Journey

Living here in NYC is like walking through a Broadway show. You don't have to play a role if you don't want to. However, the show goes on around you whether you like it or not. Of course we are all playing a role, we just lose sight of that at times.

   I saw a line wrapped around a block today and it stopped me cold. I could not figure out how all of these people were waiting for food in the middle of the day??? Then I asked a young lady that was holding some flyers. She told me that they were officially opening tomorrow and today they were offering free lunches.  So I guess there are free lunches for time to time, despite the sentence that has told us otherwise for our entire lives. All things are possible right?

   At a different location, I ate with my student. I engaged with a worker there and I was so impressed with his warmth and openness. It was as if we were truly family. He was so good at what he does and I told him so. Its an uncomfortable reality these days tha…

Stimulation Through Frustration

Life has a funny way of getting your attention. It isn't usually in the fashion that you think it would be, but it happens all of the time. I love how we can be inspired by the things that frustrate us instead of just things that make us happy or elated.

        In business, we will not always see eye to eye with those who hire us. This goes without saying.
However, how many of us will forge a new path based on that alone? If we are truly just less than satisfied with the outcome of he situation, how long will it take for us to break away and just breathe some new air so we can function going forward. This is a question that you would have to answer on your own.

         Just to give you a basic back story of a certain situation, there is a man who has a stream of income. He does not have to work for it, the money comes in a few times a month and it pays all of the bills quite comfortably. Because he has leveraged the actual work that has to be taken care of, he can dictat…